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This is a very important part of the construction process, which is typically overlooked. Pre-Construction can be a vital contributor to the overall success of the project.

The typical scenario for a client: Architectural plans are completed and distributed to several builders to obtain bids. Prices are usually determined by the builders schedule or a “perceived” scope of work by the estimator and his/her subcontractors.

We prefer a different approach: Become a team player and consultant at the earliest stages of project development. Mercury Construction can provide and manage all the necessary functions that are needed to begin construction, such as space planning, Architectural & Engineering services, Design services, and Cost Analysis. The important goal during Pre-Construction is to accurately determine the scope of work. If appropriate we conduct meetings with City Planners so that a smooth permit process is achieved. We also complete site inspections with our subcontractors so that once construction begins, the potential for delays or cost overruns are diminished greatly. With years of hands-on experience and close relationships with our vendors & subcontractors, you can be assured that as the scope of work and finish selections are made, there is little chance that cost overruns will be experienced.